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Founded in 2021 by Jordan Mosslar, FORM (LA) is a design atelier in the heart of Los Angeles (CA). Its reputation hinges on bold yet timeless forms, derived from antiquity.


From his early days in Brisbane, Australia, Jordan's innate creativity led him to daydream, sketch, and craft interior spaces. Supported by his parents, he was given the privilege of designing their family homes during his high school years.


Upon earning his architecture degree, Jordan began his professional journey as an assistant designer at a local residential firm. His dedication propelled him swiftly through the ranks, culminating in his appointment as a project manager and, subsequently, creative director at the tender age of 25. Yet, his dreams of designing opulent homes in Los Angeles were still circling.


Years of unwavering determination and prudent saving enabled Jordan to embark on the journey to Los Angeles. There, he began working with renowned architect Noah Walker at Walker Workshop in Los Angeles (CA). With Noah's trust, Jordan took charge of designing some of the world's most luxurious residences, collaborating alongside prominent interior designers, including Clement's Design.


The inception of FORM (LA) was driven by Jordan's deep appreciation for natural stone and his recognition of the challenges designers encounter when working with this material. Streamlining the process of designing and customising stone furniture and objects.


In the spring of 2024, FORM (LA) is set to unveil its 5500 square foot flagship store, exclusively envisioned and curated by Jordan. This space will showcase a collection of stone furniture, bathware, lighting, textiles, objects, and finishes, expanding FORM (LA)'s lineup while maintaining its ethos of distinctive, enduring design.

For a custom quote please provide desired dimensions, stone preference, shape and style in your enquiry.